Fishing shoes


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that people take for grant.

Take leg injury for example. One of the most common accident sustained during fishing is cuts at the toes and ankles. These are almost always because the guys are not wearing proper fishing shoes!.

Bass fishing is fun. If you happen to be a novice angler, you will experience a lot of stress on the leg from all that long standing in the water. There are many things you can do though.

One of them is having a good fishing reel. You have got to make certain that it’s easy to use, and also not too coarse. Perhaps you’ll want a fishing reel bag to keep the reel safe and secure when it is not being used. Another is to make sure you do layering under the fleece pants and underwear to fight the cold.

Go through your tackle box, and ensure that everything is organized and to labeled. Instead of just separating the basics, attempt to organize your lures by type or even color.

As for footwear, make sure your boots are shaped in a particular contorted figure that have the toes pointed skyward like some “pixie shoed fishing gnome”. Haha! And in order to improve footing, go for fishing shoes that have extra reach and grip. Make sure the material built has airy synthetic leather strap and can expel water quickly.

For recommendations, as mentioned in our last post, Asia always provide some of the cheapest options. Visit the guys from from Vietnam or if you are in Singapore, Amazon has a super quick turnaround function.

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MORE online tackle shop

Our last blog post on Online Fish Tackle Shop received so much positive feedback! Thank you guys for the emails and social media love! We appreciate this a lot!!! 😀

Many of you asked for MORE recommendations so here are a few outside of the States that we frequent.

1. TCE Tackles . Largest store from Singapore. Also said to be the pioneer and responsible single handedly for bringing bass fishing interest to the country.


2. Vietnam Shopping. One of the best online site from the land of the hidden charm. Use this site for tips on the best deals.


3. Fishing Tackle. They are like the Amazon of fishing supplies and have a base in Indonesia.

4. Ichiban. The Japanese has always been one of the biggest fishermen in the world. Not surprising all sites lead back to Japan.


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Online fish tackle shop

This post is to recommend to you guys fishing lures shops that you can visit and buy from online. We are in no way affiliate to them and certainly don’t get any commission out of your purchase. But because our goal for this website is to bring you the best fishing content, we are sharing resources even if we are not making money out of them.

Without further ado, below are our top 3 recommendations:

1. Japanese company and one of the top player in our space. Note that they are having a ‘Golden Week’ during this period so the staff may not respond as quickly as they’d like to your questions.

Online fish tackle shop 3

2. Fishing tackle shop has the best slogan: “You will be hooked on our great prices!” The guys here have been in business for more than 10 years already.

Online fish tackle shop 2

3. Angling Direct has the widest range of products. They even sell tents for you to sleep in when you are tired from all those fishing.

Online fish tackle shop 1


Finding the perfect lures

Fishing is fun, no matter where you fish – rivers, fresh water ponds, natural reservoirs, lakes or just anywhere!

Rubber lures have proven to be deadly for bass fishing and must always be inside a fisherman’s tackle container. When retrieved at high-speed, rubber lures with dart wobble sideways simulating the action of a wounded bait go fishing. These lures always dive deep and allow you to cover larger area of water quickly. Some crank baits make rattling sound which can be very successful for bass when water visibility is poor.

The most common sizes of bass fishing lures are 1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 ounce. They are tipped with twisted tails and in some instances they are like trailers being uploaded to the lift. Some anglers say the “jig and pig” has a much more natural lifelike movement than jigs without the pork trailer home. This is all for the pro angler to decide. Bass lures  are thrown slowly around heavy cover, and almost always make extremely effective lure.
While these new fishing lure are configured to look slick and reminiscent of live bait the homemade fishing lures will not have that particular look. In fact the general look to old fishing lures is associated with hardness. You will find that it really is reasonably harder to truly find and get one of these homemade tackle.

It is that time of the year in the south when every bass angler starts to itch. Not from allergies, haha, but by way of the urge to leave your property and from the numerous lakes in South Carolina. Reports recently show that this is going to be a great year for fishing. Not necessarily bass fishing, but from cat fish to pan fish, plus it really can not be unsatisfied. Some of the warm temperature is showing good patterns for catching spike.

The guys at KeepinItReelFishing has this video below on the top 5 best lures with half a million views. Check it out.


The Techniques For Bass Fishing

For any angler, taking home a largemouth bass is regarded as the most prestigious catch.


It is an extremely pursued fish among the anglers. Fishing pike requires you some knowledge about its habit owning easy for your site. Fishing for largemouth is considered to be an exciting event for most anglers. This fish can be found in numerous freshwater be it small ponds on the farms or big rivers. It can also be caught in some sort of water conditions, by way of warm water in summer to the frozen lakes throughout the winters. With help from some good bass sounds fishing tips, you won’t find it difficult to take home this prized catch.

If you are generally a serious bass fisherman, new bass lures should be added to your tackle box or bag sooner rather than later. Give one or all of those a plus determine which of these lures your individual best bass lure is because of your personal Bass fishing fashions.

Crank Baits are quantity lure functions fairly beautifully. This type of lure is built to look very lively and real towards Bass. It is then very effective when used properly.

Spots are hard to differentiate from substantial mouths in the beginning. The large mouths do not possess a tooth patch that is really like sandpapers the fact like the spotted bass have. The large mouths functions at the rear of the jaw that extends to your back on the eye the actual absent in spotted living creature. The body stays away from the soft spiny fins which can be swallowing. The bass are 15 inches long and the large mouths usually weigh like a ton. Just kidding! The fishes, giant in sizes aren’t commonly found as they were before and fishes are seen in a regular range.

Most lures imitate a minnow or small creature struggling at first glance. Many of them are pieces of plastic or wood, decorated with various color designs. Others have a small propeller in the rear that gurgles and sputters while giving off flashes of light that the fishes find especially attractive.

Whatever form of bass you’re fishing for, regardless of whether smallmouth or largemouth lake bass — live bait is probably going to be your best bet to catch huge quantities of large bass. Additionally you can try live crayfish, the entire copy are harder to find than the more common shad or shiners. It can be important, specifically using shiners or shad, to handle them in the correct way. Live bait needs an ample amount of oxygen and minimal temperature change in water. You want your bait to become as energetic as possible.

Photo credit: Texas Park and Wildlife